Singapore’s development giant sets sights on New Clark City

Singapore’s development giant sets sights on New Clark City

Imagine massive green open spaces, bike lanes, high-speed internet connection, and probably
even self-driving cars in the “city of the future” that will soon rise at the Clark Special
Economic Zone.

This is the vision of Surbana Jurong, Singapore’s largest engineering firm and a leading expert
in urban and infrastructure development, for New Clark City, a 9,450-hectare metropolis about
100 kilometers north of Manila.

“I think you will probably be seeing the next generation of city that is coming up. A lot of
people are asking what the city of the future is like. In New Clark City, we are putting on a type
of digital network. It’s going to be smart, as well as sustainable,” Surbana Jurong CEO Wong
Heang Fine told business television station CNBC.

“It will be a showcase for the Philippines…I think that is very exciting, and [it is] a very unique
city that is going to come up,” Wong said.

Last February, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and Japan Overseas
Infrastructure Investment Corporation for Transport and Urban Development (JOIN) signed a
Memorandum of Cooperation with Surbana Jurong. Surbana Jurong is BCDA’s development
management partner for the full implementation of New Clark City.

The New Clark City, one of the big-ticket projects of BCDA under the Duterte administration’s
Build Build Build infrastructure program, will not only decongest Metro Manila but is also
envisioned to be the next premier economic hub in Asia.

Wong expects the New Clark City to attract a “whole new industry” of technology companies.

“Part of our task in New Clark City is really to see a bit forward, not just in 2022, but really 10
years from now,” Wong said.

BCDA President and Chief Executive Officer Vivencio Dizon has said that the vision is to build
a future-proof metropolis.

The New Clark City is designed to be the country’s first smart, green, and resilient city where
nature, lifestyle, business, education, and industries converge.

One of the components of the New Clark City, the National Government Administrative Center
(NGAC), broke ground last January. The NGAC involves the development of back-up offices
of various government agencies to ensure continuous business operations in case of calamities
and disasters.

Phase 1A of the NGAC project, which covers 40 hectares, also features the construction of
world-class sports facilities to be used for the Southeast Asian Games in November 2019.